Four early 19th century bris? fans, to include a tortoiseshell (or possibly dyed horn) example, the gold metal guards pierced, with shaped tips and tricorn head, a classical urn of flowers to the upper section, enclosing 22 inner sticks with shaped tips painted in gold in pairs, guard length approx. 7.25 inches or 18.5cm; a dyed horn bris? fan, pierced, all sticks with pointed tips, the twenty-one inner sticks painted alternatively with flowers, the guards plain, the flower section being bordered in turquoise, guard approx. 5 1/8 inches or 15.5cm; a very pale horn bris? fan, all sticks with pointed tips, the twenty-one inner sticks and two guards pierced in bands, a wide band in flowing classical design, and clout? in silver, barrel head, guard length approx. 6.25 inches or 16cm; a pale but slightly darker pierced horn bris? fan, the twenty-two inners ticks and two guards pierced in very regular bands, guard approx. 6.25 inches or 16cm (4)

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