The Death of Adonis/ Madrid Esposicion Agricultura 1867: a bone fan circa 1867, the monture lightly carved and pierced in a regular fashion, the recto a hand-coloured depiction of Adonis in the arms of Aphrodite, mortally wounded, having being attacked by a wild boar whilst out hunting. His dog and a large cat to his right, Cupid with bow and arrow to his left, and a sign leaning on a tree to the left stating ?Muerte de Adonis?. In the story the boar is actually Ares, one of Aphrodite?s lovers, jealous of her passion for Adonis, equally of interest on the verso, a depiction of animals and agricultural entries to the 1867 exhibition, and a scene of the building and the visitors, the leaf seemingly printed by A.L. SERRA HIJO Madrid Caballero de Gracia 15, the number 138? and some indistinct wording printed under the main title in the centre, guard approx. 10.5 inches or 26.5cm

Sold for: £350

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