A small c 1820?s printed fan, the double paper leaf mounted on unadorned bone, possibly depicting The Continence of Scipio?, where Scipio, a Roman General, hands back, unharmed, a maiden taken as a prize of war, to her fianc?, printers reference K 416 to the left, the verso plain, guard approx. 7.25 inches or 18.5cm; a second early 19th century printed fan in bold colours, French, featuring a lady seated on a terrace, letter in hand, a suitor proffering a pink rose from behind a balustrade, to her left a plinth inscribed with the words ??La lecture Interrompue? (reading interrupted), some gold sequins scattered on the leaf, the verso plain, guard length approx. 8 inches or 20cm (2)

Sold for: £130

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