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You can bid in the room, leave commission bids, book a telephone line, or access the auction via one of five online bidding platforms. Auction begins 1pm. During viewing Mary Cooper, Consultant at Kinghams, will be hosting a fan exhibition from a private collection spanning the period of the 17th to 20th Century. This will include painted, printed and feather examples, some reflecting historical events, others relating to fashion and society. All are rare examples and illustrate the change in subject, size and materials used throughout the centuries. Admission is free to all.

Thursday 21st October

Viewing Times:

Tuesday 19 October, 10.00am-5.00pm

Wednesday 20 October, 10.00am-5.00pm

Thursday 21 October, 10.00am until start of sale at 1.00pm

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  • Lot Number: 301

    A selection of 19th and 20th century household lace and l...

    Estimate: £50 - £80

  • Lot Number: 302

    A square pieced and embroidered Kashmir Indian wool shawl...

    Sold for: £120

  • Lot Number: 303

    A 19th century Chinese silk embroidered Rank Badge, or Ma...

    Sold for: £110

  • Lot Number: 304

    A deep terracotta Chinese silk panel, embroidered both si...

    Sold for: £70

  • Lot Number: 305

    A pair of seldom seen, uncut and unused Chinese embroider...

    Sold for: £50

  • Lot Number: 306

    Two 20th century Chinese silk floral embroideries, one wo...

    Sold for: £40

  • Lot Number: 307

    A quantity of patterns designs produced for the publicati...

    Sold for: £50

  • Lot Number: 308

    Four cream linen towels, continental, with stylized woven...

    Estimate: £100 - £150

  • Lot Number: 309

    A white net/lace curtain, approx. 40 inches by 120 inches...

    Sold for: £70

  • Lot Number: 310

    Ottoman embroideries: fine 18th and 19th century examples...

    Sold for: £80

  • Lot Number: 311

    Ottoman embroidery: to include a substantial double-sided...

    Sold for: £220

  • Lot Number: 312

    Ottoman embroidery: to include a single towel end, worked...

    Sold for: £100

  • Lot Number: 313

    Ottoman embroidery: Two heavier weight Turkish towels, 19...

    Sold for: £180

  • Lot Number: 314

    Ottoman embroidery: to include a lightweight cream cotton...

    Sold for: £160

  • Lot Number: 315

    Ottoman Embroidery: A fine and early linen ?evre or heads...

    Sold for: £180

  • Lot Number: 316

    Ottoman Embroidery: A linen ?evre or headscarf, likely 19...

    Estimate: £100 - £150

  • Lot Number: 317

    Ottoman Embroidery: A large cover ?evre or headscarf, the...

    Sold for: £140

  • Lot Number: 318

    A finely embroidered rectangular cover, probably Persian,...

    Estimate: £300 - £500

  • Lot Number: 319

    Greek/Greek Island embroidery: possibly Sporades, silk em...

    Sold for: £550

  • Lot Number: 320

    Eastern Mediterranean embroideries, comprising a small co...

    Sold for: £320

  • Lot Number: 321

    Fine early Italian/Eastern Mediterranean embroidered bord...

    Sold for: £250

  • Lot Number: 322

    A rarity: a 19th century needlework sampler from Northern...

    Sold for: £850

  • Lot Number: 323

    Moroccan embroideries, perhaps 19th century Fes, and addi...

    Sold for: £380

  • Lot Number: 324

    Two sumptuous bags or purses, 18th/19th century, the firs...

    Sold for: £650

  • Lot Number: 325

    An Ottoman silk velvet and leather man?s note case, in re...

    Estimate: £400 - £600

  • Lot Number: 326

    Two vintage embroidered bags of Indian origin, the first ...

    Estimate: £40 - £60

  • Lot Number: 327

    Two ottoman embroidered bags or pouches, the first very f...

    Sold for: £150

  • Lot Number: 328

    Two Turkish Ottoman bags, the first 1850?s to 70?s when t...

    Sold for: £800

  • Lot Number: 329

    A heavy 19th Moroccan silk embroidery, probably Rabat, wi...

    Sold for: £280

  • Lot Number: 330

    North African embroideries, the first panel possibly from...

    Sold for: £400

  • Lot Number: 331

    World Textiles, Miscellaneous, to include a panel with fi...

    Sold for: £80

  • Lot Number: 332

    Asia/Laos: Miscellaneous woven and embroidered textiles t...

    Sold for: £70

  • Lot Number: 333

    Miscellaneous European textiles, to include: an unusual c...

    Sold for: £80

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